Chronicle of a Blood Merchant

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant

6. 12. 2018 19:00 123 min.   Lucerna Velký sál


South Korea, 2015

Korean with Czech and Engllish subtitles

Director: Ha Jung-woo

Starring: Ha Jung-woo, Ha Ji-won

Distributor: Finecut

Based on: Yu Hua – Chronicle of a Blood Merchant


In the winter of 1953, the simple worker Huh Sam-kwan (Ha Jung-woo) falls in love with beautiful Ok-ran (Ha Ji-won). But at a time, when people are barely able to feed themselfs, Sam-kwan has to sell his own blood so he can ask for Ok-ran‘s hand. 11 years later, they have three sons together, but a rumor spreads around the village that Sam kwan’s oldest son may not be his true son at all.

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant is an adaptation of the bestselling Chinese novel of the same name and her author Yu Hua soon became a prominent figure in Chinese literature. Director and lead actor Ha Jung-woo transfers his interpretation of the story into post-war Korea, where usually seriously conceived topics of blood donation and paternity he serves with absurd humor contrasting with the village life.