Student Short Films

Short Films from Taiwanese students at FAMU.

A Camping Trip
Czech with English subtitles
Director: I-Ju Lin
After losing her job, a middle-aged career woman goes on a camping trip which reconnects her and her family.

Leaves of Grass
Without dialogue
Director: Michelle Tseng
An elderly botanist is sorting out leaf specimens in the reading room alone. Fragments of childhood began eroding his thinking. He used to set an ambitious kind, although the goal was superficial. In the course of time, his will collapse and fall with wilted leaves.

Trust Game
Czech with English and Mandarin subtitles
Director: Chihyu Lin
Two lovers share unique chemistry, they are meant to be together. This is a metaphorical film that Sofia is making. In order to reach the “realness” of her film, the director, Sofie, puts all her efforts at any cost, even making her husband actor and the actress fall in love with each other.

Life as a Game
Czech with English subtitles
Director: Shen-Hao Yang
Hana, an actress, wants to terminate her pregnancy. She encounters obstacles that prevent her from following through with her decision. The agreed-upon words no longer apply once Hana realizes that she is playing a role in a play she didn’t want to take part in. Who will dictate the rules this time?