The First Girl I Loved

Cantonese, English and Czech subtitles
Directing: Candy Ng, Chiu-hoi Yeung
Starring: Hedwig Tam, Renci Yeung
Distributor: Mei Ah Entertainment
Guests: Chiu-hoi Yeung, Renci Yeung (Q&A after the film)


Former classmates and perhaps lovers Nam and Yuet reunite after many years at a wedding and recall their shared past. They were very close at a catholic high school, but exactly how close is difficult for them to say. Were they best friends? Deeply in love? Or was it just infatuation? And did that feeling really stay in the past?

The First Girl I Loved does not give straight answers, but rather raises more questions. The pure and honest bond between the two girls is a reflection of general social problems and LGBTQ+ related issues. It reveals institutionalized restrictions they encounter at school defined by a dogmatic belief that love between two women is a threat to morality and could cost one of the main protagonists her scholarship. It triggers discussions with family members that prove tolerance is not the same as acceptance. This clever coming-of-age romance twists genre conventions by adding a queer theme and thanks to that may raise completely different questions. Yet the attention always remains focused on… love.