Till Love Do Us Part

Romantic drama
China, Czech Republic
Mandarin, English and Czech subtitles
Directing: Ran Li
Starring: Liang Cuishan, Zhang Ninghao, Ren Bin, Zhang Qing
Distributor: Lonely Production
Guests: Film Crew


The screening will be introduced by the film crew and Q&A will follow after the screening.

A university lecturer, Shu (Liang Cuishan), goes on a work trip to Europe. Little does she know that the time spent away from home will radically change her life. In Prague, she encounters Fan (Zhang Ninghao), a theatre director, and forms an incredibly strong emotional bond with him. However, she is about to marry her fiancé Hu (Ren Bin), waiting for her back in China. Shu needs to make a crucial decision and choose between a conventional middle-class life and a spontaneous, yet affectionate adventure in Europe.

Ran Li, a debuting director, has created an empathetic woman story about choices that can be neither anticipated nor easily made. Till Love Do Us Part is a complex, duality-filled film offering an inspirational point of view. It is not a classic melodrama introducing two male opponents; this love triangle adds a social dimension to the mix because the two rivals represent two different ways of life as well as continents. This cleverly constructed debut constantly oscillates between conventions and passion, static and dynamic, different social classes, and does not ever come to a stop. But more than that, as a joint project of Czech and Chinese productions it combines two distinct filmmaking traditions. In all respects, Till Love Do Us Part brings a brilliant film experience and a peek into the future of international film production.